Top Five Lures for Night Fishing

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Top Five Lures for Night Fishing
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We’ve tried them all, compared notes, studied the facts, and now here it is: the Big Georgia Spots Top Five best night fishing lures:


#5 Buzz Baits

Coming in at #5 in our Top Five is the most popular (daytime) top-water lure of all time: the buzz bait. The buzz bait is just as much fun to fish at night than during the day!  You hear the squeaky blades quietly churning water in the dark, everything is at peace, then KAPOW! A fish explodes on it out of nowhere and the fight is on! Usually, there is nothing subtle about the attack on a buzz bait. When fish hit it, they mean to kill it. It is also our 3rd “big fish” bait and should remain in the rod locker until you’re ready to cull fish. It is also best used during low-pressure weather systems, when fish are more prone to cruise and feed on the surface.

This is one lure that can diverge from the “all black” rule if there is moonlight present. White buzz baits catch the light and seem to produce well, some arguing better than dark buzz baits. Experiment on your own and see what you think.